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• 3/3/2018

The Driver Era (New Wiki Announced)

Hey everyone! As you may be aware, Ross and Rocky are now involved in a new music project named "The Driver Era"! In order to accompany this, I have created a separate wiki for the duo. Please keep in mind that this wiki will always remain active, and at this point it is unknown whether or not R5 are over.

Articles about The Driver Era will still be made on this wiki. However, if you would like to see articles strictly on the duo group, head on over to the brand new wiki. It is still currently construction, and I am in the process of recruiting admins!

Check out the link here: thedriverera.wikia.com
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• 2/23/2018

What is going on with R5? Tell your opinion!

I think they are just taking a little break from social media and all that kinda stuff. I mean they have been posting a pics in instagram for example and Rydel is still making youtube videos but like I do not really know how to explain but you knowww...
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• 2/5/2018

R5 TV Episodes - Individual Articles?

Sadly another R5 era has come and gone. That means that brand new music, tour dates, and R5 TV episodes will be coming our way soon! This era was probably one of R5's best, as it bought us brand new music: an EP, New Addictions, with 5 brand new songs, along with the single Hurts Good. But this era also saw the return of R5 TV, which were fun vlogs and videos that R5 made and uploaded onto YouTube originally from 2009 to 2013. In the amazing comeback in 2017, we were introduced to almost 50 episodes in Season 2 of R5 TV. All episodes were produced by Rydel, who was also touring with R5 and producing videos for her individual YouTube channel at the same time.

Since these vlogs were iconic in R5 history, I was thinking of making pages for each individual R5 TV episode from both Seasons 1 and 2. A special infobox will be made, and the articles would be set out similarly to an episode page of a regular TV show, like on the Austin & Ally Wiki. A navigation template will also be placed on each article, so you are able to find each R5 TV episode with ease.

Doing this will also increase the page count on the wiki dramatically, which will get our wiki way over 200 pages (the minimum amount of pages for a spotlight). This could be beneficial when new R5 music is released.

So, what do you think? Should I make individual articles for each R5 TV episode? Reply below!

PS: If no one responds to this post within two days, than I will go ahead and make the articles anyway.
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• 12/17/2017

My Return

Hey guys! I haven't been on here in so long and i apologize. Thanks to everyone who has edited pages. It looks so good! As an admin, I will try my hardest to be more active. Feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions or comments. And again, I apologize for never being on here. Thanks everyone!
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Discussions

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors: http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Admin_and_Moderator_Tools_in_Discussions

Have fun!
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• 1/21/2017

my name is Stevie from Nz

I'm older than rocky by a year and he is an a amazing person
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• 2/9/2017

Album 3 Ideas?

R5 has been busy in their home studio working on new music for us! Don't worry, the wait is almost over. So I thought that it would fun if we came up with some ideas for track names and dream collaborations for the new album, since nothing has been confirmed yet.
Leave your predictions below!

Collaborations (Possible)
twenty øne piløts (PLEASE!)
Little Mix (PLEASE!)
Ryland Lynch (PLEASE!)
Bridgit Mendler (PLEASE!)
Jacob Whitesides
Olivia Holt
Sabrina Carpenter
Jack & Jack
Some sort of mainstream artist (PLEASE!)
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• 3/11/2016

New Blog Series!

I have created a blog series for news on R5 and the wiki
Please check out the blog post here and vote on the poll. Feedback is also appreciated
Thanks guys!
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• 1/14/2016

Status Update Wiki

Hey everyone! A few months ago I made a wiki for Ross Lynch's upcoming movie Status Update. Since it's been confirmed that it Ross will be working on it after the tour, it's a great idea to get the movie a good community site. This site is still under construction, and I might consider hiring more admins for it too
Please come and check it out here
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• 12/1/2015


Hey Ross!What's new!Ross Lynch,Do you go to church every Sunday😕😞💒?Ross,I didn't know that you on FanPop.com😞.Ross,I'm on FanPop also too!I would like to hear from you on my Ask.fm @almoore433,from my profile name saying Al Moore?Ross Lynch,Don't forget to check your new message,that mean Post😕😞😔. Ross Lynch,How often you do concerts!Ross,You have event for concerts for this month in December this year for 2015?Ross,Today is the first day of December for this month.Ross Lynch,I have to now,and I will talk to you later this week?This is your biggest fan by Al Moore.P.S.Ross Lynch,Please write me back from the Post or new message that I send you?
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• 9/30/2015

Help Needed!

This wiki is currently going through a huge cleanup. The song articles are the main focus right now. At the time I'm writing this, I have completed what needs to be done to two articles. The articles will be formatted more once the first stage is done. This stage involves:

Replacing the infobox with this one, completed with information on the song, such as the writers
Placing the lyrics into this template, with labels indicating which R5 member is singing which verse
Removing the videos and any access images from the article (so the article should only include the infobox, brief introduction about the song and the lyrics
I have so far completed Loud (Song) and Pass Me By. This method will be completed with all the songs from Louder and Sometime Last Night for now. It is very much appreciated if I get a little help from this, and get a few users, if not atleast one, to do the above for the songs from the two albums. If you are willing to help, please reply to this thread
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• 7/27/2015

Anonymous Contributions Disabled

You must now be required to create an account to comment and edit this wiki
In the past, anonymous users have been spamming articles with irrevelent comments. Although a majority of this wiki's contributions are made by anons, it will make the wiki operate better when users are the only ones contributing to the wiki
If you don't have an account feel free to sign up here
PS: Don't forget to cast your votes on R5 Musical Madness if you haven't done so already
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• 6/27/2015

this about you

u are cool
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• 5/3/2015

How hot riker is

Riker u are soooo hot and guess what my favs colour is blue
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• 4/29/2015


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• 3/8/2015


I wanna meet R5 so badly!
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• 4/18/2015

Quick User Survey

Hey R5Family! As the head administrator and bureaucrat of this wiki, I have created a quick survey for each visitor of this site to complete, whether if you have an account or not. This will help make possible future improvements for the wiki, and for me to receive feedback on other users' opinions. Remember that the results for the survey are private, so your answers will not be spoken aloud on this wiki or other websites
The link for the survey will be posted below. If you wish to ask any questions or make any comments, feel free to leave a message either here or on my message wall
Here is the link to the survey
Remember that I will be on the wiki everyday, so your feedback is well appreciated!
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• 1/30/2015


Oh my Gavin!!!! Did anybody hear???? Rydellington has been confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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• 1/22/2015

Riker Lynch

I love you and i love blue you are hot
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• 1/22/2015

Ross Lynch

I like you Ross You are Hot I love your abbs
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