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Austin Moon
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General Information
Full Name Austin Monica Moon
Aliases Blondie (Cassidy)
Little Prince (Mike and MiMi Moon)
Gender Male
Date of Birth c. 1996/1996 (Age 16)
Occupation Singer
Actor (temporarily)
Production Info
First Appearance Rockers & Writers
Portrayed By Ross Lynch
Austin Monica Moon is a main character on the show Austin & Ally, a blonde teenager who aspires to be a singer. He became an overnight singing sensation after he released a video of him singing along to a song online, originally written by Ally Dawson. When he needs to write another song he and Ally write a song together and become partners. He likes somewhat childish things, including coloring in coloring books, laughing at toilet humor and liking stuffed animals. He is generally shown to be sweet, naive, and gullible. Austin's big dream was to perform at Times Square on New Years Eve, which he accomplished in Season 2. Austin is the boyfriend to Ally Dawson. In the final episode of Season 3, Austin lost and gave up his career so he can be with Ally, and they both finally admited they love each other.

Songs PerformedEdit


1. Can't Do It Without You

2. Double Take

3. Break Down The Walls

4. A Billion Hits

5. Not A Love Song

6. It's Me It's You

7. Better Together

8. Heard It On The Radio

9. Heart Beat

10. Na Na Na

11. THe Way That You Do

12. Illusion

13. Who I Am

14. Got It 2

15. Cristmas Soul

16. Can You Feel It

17. No Ordinary Day

18. I Think About You

19. Steal Your Heart

20. Timeless

21. Living In The Moment

22. I Got That Rockn Roll

23. Better Than This

24. Chasin The Beat Of My Heart

25. Don't Look Down (Solo)

26. Who U R

27. Upside Down

28. Stuck On You

29. What We're About

30. Superhero

31. Take It From The Top

32. Jump Back, Kiss Yourself


1. Trash Talka (with Shiney Money)

2. Don't Look Down (with Ally Dawson)

3. Face To Face (with Jessie Prescott)

4. You Can Come To Me (with Ally Dawson)

5. I Love  Cristmas (with Ally Dawson)

6. Look Out (with Ally Dawson)

7. Perfect Christmas (with Ally Dawson)

8. Two in a Million (with Ally Dawson)


1. Double Take (Helen Show - Miami)

2. A Billion Hits (Sonic Boom - MIami)

3.Not A Love Song (Mall Of Miami)

4.The Butterfly Song (Mall Of Miami)

5.Trash Talka (with Shiney Money ) (Miami)

6.Heard It On The Radio (Miami Beach - Miami)

7.Not A Love Song (Acoustic) (Sonic Boom - Miami)

8.Heart Beat (Melody Diner - Miami)

9.Na Na Na (Everglades)

10The Way That You Do (Sonic Boom - Miami)

11Can't Do It Without You (Acoustic) (Austin's Album Release Party - Miami)

12.Illusion (Austin's Album Release Party - Miami)

13.Don't Look Down (with Ally Dawson) (Brownstone Mansion - Miami)

14.Who I Am (Sonic Boom - Miami)

15.Better Together (Acoustic) (Mall Of Miami - Miami)

16.Heart Beat (Acoustic) (Mall Of Miami - Miami)

17.Cristmas Soul (Mall Of Miami - Miami)

18.Can You Feel It (Times Square - New York)

19.Face 2 Face (with Jessie Prescott) (Mall Of Miami - Miami)

20.You Can Come To Me (with Ally Dawson) (Jungle Cafè - Miami)

21.I Think About You (Sonic Boom - Miami)

22.Steal Your Heart (Tribunal - Miami)

23.Timeless (Future Festival Sound Festival - Miami) (Dream)

24.Living In The Moment (Marino High School - Miami)

25.I Got That Rocn Roll (Night Club - Miami)

26.I Got That Rockn Roll (America's Top Talent - Miami)

27.Better Than This (Miami's Hall - Miami ) (Full Moon Tour)

28.Chasin The Beat Of My Heart (Chicago) (Full Moon Tour)

29.Don't Look Down (Solo) (Washington Dc ) (Full Moon Tour)

30.I Love Cristmas (with Ally Dawson) (Shredder's Beach Club - Miami)

31.Upside Down (Acoustic) (Shredder's Beach Club - Miami)

32.Stuck On You (Shredder's Beach Club - Miami)

33.What We're About (Shredder's Beach Club .- Miami)

34.LookOut (with Ally Dawson) (Zaliens Convention - Miami) (Dream)

35.Upside Down (Shredder's Beach Club - Miami)

36.Superhero (Shredder's Beach Club - Miami)

37.A Billion Hits (Georgia)(Dream)

38. Jump Back, Kiss Yourself (Miami)

39. Perfect Christmas (Austin & Ally Music Factory - Miami)

40. Two In A Million (Helen Show - Miami)

Know AlbumsEdit

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