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The R5 Rocks the World tour is R5's 2015 world tour. Fans were able to help choose tour dates by going on and voting for the places they want R5 to come to.

This is the top 25 most voted for cities:

25. Minneapolis, USA

24. Bogotà, Columbia

23. Lima, Peru

22. Milan, Italy

21. Philadelphia,USA

20. Monterrey, Mexico

19. Toronto, Canada

18. Còrdoba, Spain

17. Moscow, Russia

16. Instanbul, Turkey

15. Boston, USA

14. Lisbon, Portugal

13. Los Angeles, USA

12. Belgrade, Serbia

11. Mexico City, Mexico

10. Paris, France

9. Zagreb, Croatia

8. Chicago, United States

7. New York, USA

6. London, UK

5. São Paulo, Brazil

4. Santiago, Chile

3. Tel Aviv, Isreal

2. Warsaw, Poland 1. Buenos Aries, Argentina

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